Short Stories

I love short stories, don't you?  A good short story is like a delicious piece of candy: small but satisfying.  You can read several of my short stories on line, and you'll find my latest one in the romance anthology Passionate Hearts.

On my Website -

At the Cafe - The place of their meeting, would it also be the site of their separation?

The Pleasure of Refusing - Saying no can be the most fun of all.

Murder, Sweet Murder - There was a body on the floor of the coffee shop; this day was not going at all well.

Accidental Death - Gary had finally figured out a way to kill his wife and not get caught.

The Bell Tower Man - Their teacher was missing, and the children asked themselves: was she taken by the Bell Tower Man?

On -
Sweet Inspiration - She had to get out of the office. These sterile walls were doing nothing for her creative juices. She needed stimulation. Motivation. Inspiration.

In Passionate Hearts -

Passionate Hearts Anthology - Sixteen tales of love, passion and romance, including my short story After the Ball.  Much in need of a change, Midge Geddes takes a trip to the sea shore.  It turns out to be a change, all right, but not the one she had imagined....